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Asparagus – USA imports now available for the next 4 – 6 weeks.

Aubergine – Winter crops grown under heated control conditions now and price will hold firm for the next 4 months.

Beans – NZ crops now about to finish then Australian beans coming through till our new season crops come available late spring time. Price will be firm through our winter and spring months.

Beetroot – Good volumes available at present and supply should be okay for the next few months.

Broccoli – Supply will be steady over the next few months but, as weather conditions change through winter price will vary to as what is  being harvested over this period.

Brussel Sprouts – Good hardy type winter crop and should be readily available the next few months.

Cabbage – Green and Red varieties, steady amounts being harvested now and should be over winter depending on how winter weather plays its part this year.

Capsicum – All colours, NZ crops about to finish or very little now maturing into full blown sizes so, we will now see imports starting in May through to the end of October when NZ spring crops come back on, price will hold firm over this period.

Carrots/Parsnip/Swede – All Ohakune grown crops for the next 5 months. Heavy frost conditions over winter will affect harvest and continual rain will affect what can be harvested. Price should be steady over winter.

Cauliflower – Same as Broccoli – Conditions of weather will affect growth and harvesting of the crops.

Cucumber – Telegraph, All grown under heated conditions over winter, will see price firming up the next few months, as well size of them will reduce as plants struggle to produce bigger sized ones.

Courgettes – NZ about to finish any time now and Australian imports will take up over our winter months.

Garlic & Ginger – Both products imported and should be steady shipments coming through the next few months.

Kumara – All varieties now available and will be for the next 5 – 6 months at steady pricing.

Leeks – A good hardy winter crop should be plenty around the next few months at steady pricing.

Lettuce – Iceberg, good at present but, winter conditions affect the growing of them and we’ll see puffy hearts and smaller sizes as winter conditions move on. Fancy, Grown under shade house conditions not heated. Should be a steady supply but, will shorten up as at the end of winter months then as spring comes around will take off with good supplies again.

Mushrooms – All varieties, steady supply at present and prices should stay reasonable for the next couple of months.

Onions – All harvested for season and now in storage for the next 8 months. Price should be steady over the winter period that’s red flesh and white flesh onions.

Spring Onions – Good volumes around at present but, cold wet weather does affect the growth and will see prices rise mid to late winter months.

Parsley – Should be a steady supply as we move into winter, a hardy type crop for winter conditions.

Potatoes – All varieties coming to hand in good volumes and will continue for the next 3 – 4 months and price will hold steady over this period. The days of cheap potatoes are now gone as more regulated compliance conditions are forced on to growers and the farmer who use to grow crops are now no longer bothered as too many restrictions are in front of them.

Pumpkin – Steady supply now at reasonable prices.

Radish – A good supply now but, will be limited over winter time.

Silverbeet – Good amounts being harvested at reasonable prices.

Spinach – Same as Silverbeet, both these crops slow- down in growth over winter and price does move up when wet and frosty conditions move in.

Snowpeas – All imports the next few months.

Shallots – Now back into NZ season crops and will continue for the next 6 months.

Tomatoes – Had a good run of reasonable prices the past 3 – 4 months, as winter moves in price will creep up but, supply should still be okay over this period.

Turnips – White, off and on supply over winter.

Asian Vegetables – A steady supply coming to hand. Baby vegetables a good range available now as well a good range of sprouts available as well.




Apples – Both Red and Green varieties now in full supply and at reasonable prices as well as a good range of sizes for your requirements.

Stonefruits – All finished for the season now.

Avocadoes – Very short in supply and price firming upwards and will continue to firm up over the winter period as export demand was up on past years as well crops are down on what has been harvested past few years. I would think we will see imported Avocadoes around July time with the shortage of local around.

Bananas – Price creeping up of late as countries of origin are fulfilling orders to Europe etc. NZ takes less than 1 percent of Bananas grown and produced.

Berryfruits – All but finished now with only strawberries being imported from USA over our winter months.

Feijoas – Now in good supply as season harvest is well underway.

Grapes – Are from Australia at present but, will finish very soon then followed from Mexico then USA a bit later on.

Kiwifruit – both green and gold flesh now in full harvest with price easing back as well and should be steady the next few months.

Lemons – NZ local crops now just starting to pick up as cooler weather helps to ripen and mature them into useable conditions, some USA still coming to hand as well but, will finish very soon.

Limes – NZ, nice and green now but as colder weather moves in they will yellow up in colour as colder weather ripens citrus fruits up.

Mangoes – Been short in supply of late due to very few being harvested and not up to export quality from countries of origin.

Mandarins – NZ Satsuma about to be harvested any time now then supply should be okay for the next few months.

Melons – Rockmelon, Honeydew and Watermelon – All from Australia now till the end of 2016.

Nashi Pears – In full harvest now and will continue for the next 5 to 6 weeks.

Oranges – USA season about to finish then Australia will come in around the 1st or 2nd weeks of June to carry us through till the end of spring. NZ orange season is the same as Australia.

Pawpaw – Imports every 3 to 4 week shipments coming through.

Pears – NZ around but do tail off mid-winter then Australian Packhams come through till the end of October mid- November.

Persimmons – Available now.

Pineapple – Steady shipments coming through.

Rhubarb – A good supply at present.


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