Our History: A Fresh Family Affair 

Prepared Produce Limited was formed in the late 1990s by Garth Fish & Gurmukh Singh.

When Pacific Gourmet, the company where Garth, his future daughter in-law Debbie and Gurmukh were working was being shut down, Garth spotted an opportunity. Garth approached a key player in the industry, LSG Sky Chefs (in-flight provider for airlines) with a proposal that the combined experience and contacts of Gurmukh and himself meant they would be more than capable of servicing LSG’s produce needs. Garth and Gurmukh were prepared to do what ever was needed to make things work for their new customers, hence the company Prepared Produce was conceived. Fifteen years later, LSG along with many more satisfied customers are still on board.

Prepared Produce is very much a family affair with many staff members hailing from both Garth and Gurmukh’s families. The Fish family now has three generations working within the business. Reece Fish, Garth’s son, who is now the General Manager, has brought new skills and modern systems into the business that is helping Prepared Produce become a multimillion-dollar company.

Gurmukh Singh is regarded as a leader within the Indian community and offers support by providing many jobs to his extended family. Gurmukh’s family network and experience within the industry has been an especially valuable factor in Prepared Produce’s success to date. With Gurmukh’s ability to up-skill and train his community he has provided many work opportunities for people that may have otherwise not had any.

Prepared Produce now employs 60 people and operates 7 days a week. The company has several flourishing arms securing market coverage of: prepared and whole produce food service , airline, hospital, import / export, hotel, food chain and supermarket business.

Garth Fish (Director – Prepared Produce Ltd.) has been in the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Industry for over 35 years, starting his career as overall Purchasing Manager for Foodtown New Zealand (25 yrs) then onto Purchasing Manager for Pacific Gourmet and Blackbridge Catering Ltd. (10yrs)

Gurmukh Singh (Director - Prepared Produce Ltd.) was previously employed with Pacific Gourmet and Blackbridge Catering Ltd for 9 years as Production Manager, Supervisor of operations and Factory production.

Reece Fish  (General Manager - Prepared Produce Ltd.) independently ran his own company for several years before being asked by his father Garth to bring his skills and experience in assisting the management and business development of Prepared Produce. Reece is now a key figure within the company striving to meet demanding market requirements and helping the company evolve with and adapt to their rapidly changing business environment.


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